See the latest on how COVID-19 impacts food

See the latest on how COVID-19 impacts food here

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The Kitchen as the New Venue of Foreign Policy

Conflict is multidimensional, as is the concept of food security. Yet, despite the enormous amount of resources devoted to humanitarian purposes and development in conflict or post-conflict countries, we still do not fully understand what levels or aspects of food insecurity are most likely to directly contribute to or cause conflict, or the ways in which food can or does serve as a vehicle of reconciliation and transition.

Conflict Cuisine seeks to contribute to interdisciplinary academic research in this area.

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Rick Barton

Johanna Mendelson Forman is a creative force in peacebuilding. Throughout her decades of work in war-torn areas, she has found innovative ways to bring people together. When she saw the promise of food, Johanna created the field of conflict cuisine and re-imagined how our palates lead to peace.

Anthony Garrett

Johanna’s deep knowledge of foreign policy brings nuance and sophistication to the surprisingly complex topic of food in a volatile world. From the Middle East to Central America, Johanna’s ground-breaking work is helping the field to better understand the impactful role culture and food play in conflict zones.

Anthony Garrett & Associates – Innovative Strategies for Public Affairs & Advocacy
Internews, Senior Advisor on Policy & Strategic Initiatives

Mitchell Davis, Ph.D.

Through her global work with the emerging movements of social gastronomy and culinary diplomacy, Johanna Mendelson Forman has helped bring the value of food as a tool for political change and socio-economic development into focus. Her unique experience in regions of conflict abroad, where food can be both a catalyst and a solution for instability, adds an important perspective to conversations about food-system change on both the local and global level. What’s more, she makes a mean brisket.

Chief Strategy Officer,  James Beard Foundation